Episode 17: Suffocate Your EGO!

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In Episode 17, Achie and Tameka discuss what they learned from one of their favorite reads, Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. Listen to these two share how they have learned to suffocate their egos and focus on the principal thing - good work. This episode (AND book) is for you: If you think your ego might be a problem. If you think your ego might not be a problem. If you’re confident + competent about the work you do. If you’re insecure + anxious about the work you do. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

Episode 16: Make Yourself a Priority - Expressions with Achie

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Self-care is a trending term…but are we truly making ourselves a priority? In this episode, Achie shares practical ways she has learned to manage her well-being, along with how she’s still on a journey to stop selling herself short in areas where she needs it the most. She expounds on the concept of, “If we’re not growing, we’re stagnant.” Listen in and let us know if anything resonates with you.