Episode 18: Give Me My Flowers Now - Expressions with Tameka

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In this episode, Tameka shares one of her personal rules for living, "Honor those who continuously show up for you." She recalls memorable moments that she’s had with each one of her closest sister friends - Achie, April, and Nia while explaining their impact. One made her question if her self-esteem was where it should be. Another made her check her ego and pride at the door. The other showed her how to handle conflict and reconcile with the people you love, without disrespect and drama. Take a listen and leave us a comment below to let us know which one you can relate to most.

Episode 13: The Untold Truths of Entrepreneurship vs. 9 to 5 - Part 1

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In this episode, we give our take on the great entrepreneurship vs 9 to 5 debate. First, having a fun laugh as we talk about our old and very random jobs.

Achie discusses the many seasons of entrepreneurship, the true meaning of being a “boss”, and her greatest self-employment fear.

Tameka shares how she learned to stop hating her job, the importance of soft skills, and what her 9 to 5 has taught her over the years. Get your coffee, pad and pen ready! It’s juicy!