Episode 23: Purpose - Your Original Intent

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Hidden in the heart of every human lies the question, “WHY am I here?” In this episode Achie + Tameka reveal their deepest purpose discoveries found in Dr. Myles Munroe’s bestselling book, “Unleash Your Purpose.” The answer to your most significant question is found in the most obvious, but many times overlooked, place.

Episode 21: The Beauty of Uniqueness - Expressions with Achie

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In this episode, Achie explains why it is our responsibility to embrace our divine design and why it is irresponsible to neglect our uniqueness and assignment. She expounds on the danger of allowing others to “mute you” for the purpose of their personal comfortability. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Episode 20: Lessons for Humanity - A Tribute to Dr. Myles Munroe

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In this episode, Achie and Tameka pay tribute to their late mentor, Dr. Myles Munroe. Recognizing his contribution to humanity while sharing the lasting impact he had on their lives. Achie recounts the critical leadership lessons she learned from his teachings and life. Similarly, Tameka describes how he disrupted her entire belief system and challenged her perception of self. Listen to this inciting conversation about purpose, vision, and dying empty.

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Episode 19: My UNFULFILLED Life

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In this episode, Achie and Tameka talk about the thing we’re all too familiar with: unfulfillment. Living in a state of unfulfillment can make you feel hopeless and worthless. Achie reveals how she manages moments of self-doubt and self-comparison. Tameka speaks on the importance of gratitude and taking inventory of our truest desires. Learn how this frustrating state can be the perfect set up to discover the thing we’re all really searching for - purpose and individual value.

Episode 18: Give Me My Flowers Now - Expressions with Tameka

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In this episode, Tameka shares one of her personal rules for living, "Honor those who continuously show up for you." She recalls memorable moments that she’s had with each one of her closest sister friends - Achie, April, and Nia while explaining their impact. One made her question if her self-esteem was where it should be. Another made her check her ego and pride at the door. The other showed her how to handle conflict and reconcile with the people you love, without disrespect and drama. Take a listen and leave us a comment below to let us know which one you can relate to most.

Episode 17: Suffocate Your EGO!

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In Episode 17, Achie and Tameka discuss what they learned from one of their favorite reads, Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. Listen to these two share how they have learned to suffocate their egos and focus on the principal thing - good work. This episode (AND book) is for you: If you think your ego might be a problem. If you think your ego might not be a problem. If you’re confident + competent about the work you do. If you’re insecure + anxious about the work you do. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

Episode 16: Make Yourself a Priority - Expressions with Achie

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Self-care is a trending term…but are we truly making ourselves a priority? In this episode, Achie shares practical ways she has learned to manage her well-being, along with how she’s still on a journey to stop selling herself short in areas where she needs it the most. She expounds on the concept of, “If we’re not growing, we’re stagnant.” Listen in and let us know if anything resonates with you.

Episode 15: The Exit from Corporate America w/Melissa D. White (Entrepreneurship vs. 9 to 5 - Part 2)

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In this episode, Achie and Tameka interview Melissa D. White on her transition from employment to entrepreneurship. She shares how she plotted her exit from Corporate America as a Marketing and Advertising Executive by developing a clear vision, maximizing her resources, and establishing herself in the market. Delving into her best and worst days, she explains how she manages the different seasons of entrepreneurship.

Visit her website: www.TheActivationHour.com

Check out her non-profit: www.WritingOurWrongs.org

Follow her on IG: @melissadwhite Listen to her Podcast: The Activation Hour Podcast with Melissa D. White on iTunes and GooglePlay

Episode 14: Desire is Just the Beginning - Expressions with Tameka

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Most of us are working towards something that challenges us to stretch, grow and simply be more. As we move towards realizing our dreams, we will, without a doubt, experience adversity. In my first Expressions episode, I give my take on what it means to trust your process. Reminding us that our desire for greatness is only the beginning. Listen and enjoy! Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.