Podcast Host, Copywriter, and Storyteller


Hello, Tameka here!

Being a copywriter allows me to help my clients define, communicate, and leverage their branding messages. My business has taught me how authentic storytelling can be a powerful tool used to teach, inspire, and influence.

As a host of Behind This Woman, I share my own stories of triumphs, loss, lessons, and growth. All with the hope of helping you move towards your dreams with more clarity, confidence, and determination.

For years I struggled with a crippling amount of self-doubt and fear. Always able to see the beauty and value of others but never my own. My desire is that you feel seen and heard through the content you find here. Once you’re BTW family, I hope you begin to:

  • Evaluate your beliefs and ideas, tossing the ones that sabotage your future and don’t serve you well. Your state of mind, more than anything outside of you, will determine how far you go.

  • Silence that ruthless and relentless critic of yours more often. We all have one. We just have to learn to move forward in spite of it.

  • Believe with faith, grit, and persistence, you can build a life of freedom, fulfillment, and success. Remember, you’ve got this. And the reward of the journey makes the destination so much sweeter!

I believe we all have something unique and significant to contribute. So I love the idea of movements + revolutions that promote self-awareness and self-discovery. My work here is a part of my contribution to that conversation + cause.

Other things I don’t say no to: a delicious meal, an engrossing film, and a well-made cocktail. I also have a penchant for books, photography, and all things animal print. I call Atlanta, GA home with my husband, Terence and our two children, Kendall and Cairo.

To see more of my family life and other happenings, join me on Instagram.