Hey there, I’m Achie!

Like most women, I wear many different hats. My passion for helping others discover who they truly are is the common thread that can be found in all my work.

I know firsthand how hard life can be without the proper tools and perspective. Surviving the loss of my mother at the tender age of 14 left me with years of hidden depression and an identity crisis that caused me to attempt to fill a void that only my Creator could fulfill. I understand how powerful it is to do the [self] work needed to shift your perspective. As a leader of the BTW community, I’m determined to empower you to:

  • Develop Yourself. Continually look for ways to improve your mindset and way of life. You are a worthy investment. Pay the price, make the sacrifice, and experience the rewards.

  • Be Bold, Fearless, and Go For It! Failure is simply success in progress. Remember that progression is better than perfection. Make a plan, get started, and allow the details to be ironed out along the way. Get out there and command what belongs to you!

  • Help Develop Someone Else. Mentorship is how we secure and shape the desired future. You are always leading, even if you don’t realize it. Be intentional about your actions and decisions.

One of my deepest desires is that within our content, you begin (or continue) your quest to become the absolute best version of you there is. Question everything, ponder much, and dig deep as you prepare to serve your gift to the world. We need you and we’re awaiting your emergence.

Other fun facts: Immersing myself in foreign lands and various cultures is one of my favorite ways to educate myself and grow. A few of my most memorable trips to date are Dubai, Rwanda (East Africa) and Israel. Two cities I absolutely loved and could totally live in are Sandton, South Africa and Barcelona, Spain. I reside in the Sunshine State with my two favorite Shauns: my husband, Shaun Sr and my son Shaun Jr ; along with our pampered pit bulls, Karisma and Serenity.

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